“Totally recommend. Great lessons, relaxing atmosphere and supportive company.” “Such a brilliant course, lots of fun. Excited to try it at home now”

My key focus is ensuring people can achieve something satisfying and stimulating within a lesson, and that they feel relaxed and encouraged to simply have a go. I regularly hold art workshops for adults and children at all levels, and have hosted art classes in my studio, at the local libraries, for community groups, at the Methven Summer School, and even for a fun hen’s party! All levels are welcome, and no drawing ability is required.

Contact me about tailoring something to your group. Workshops can be as short as 1.5 hours to as long as a full day, and can be run as a one-off or as a series. All materials are provided. Below are some ideas about what we could do.

I also enjoy speaking about my work, and would be happy to give an engaging and interesting artist’s talk at your next group event, providing a demonstration of my process, my materials, my art and my journey so far.


From a short simple workshop where you get to carve your own stamp, to a series of workshops to develop your own multi-layered linocut, and everything in between.

Enjoy the vibrant and striking effects of printmaking, the ability to create multiple pieces, and that ‘wow’ moment when you peel your paper off the plate.


Do you like the idea of being able to sketch up a little landscape or botanical watercolour in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea?

Let me introduce you to an approachable and flexible way to do this, and to enjoy colour, paper and the world around us.


I’ve hosted workshops where we’ve printed on fabric, stitched our own notebooks, had a go with drypoint printmaking, and used ink and charcoal to explore light and shadow in still life. The possibilities are endless.

I also enjoy giving engaging artist talks to groups. Whether in my studio or at your event, I can demonstrate printmaking and discuss my materials, art and journey so far.

Contact me to discuss what art activity would best suit your group