For Sale

Editions of my work often sell out as or even before they are completed, to people who receive my newsletter or follow my progress on Facebook or Instagram. If you’d like to be updated about new work you can message me with the subject line “Keep Me Updated” and I’ll let you know about new work (and also any upcoming workshops or exhibitions).

But I do have the following pieces still available.

Most of my art works are linocuts, which means that having carved the lino plate, I am then able to create several pieces from that plate – hand printing them by burnishing the paper over the inked plate with a glass baren (rubbing tool). So while significant thought, skill and time go into creating the linocut, the cost of each print is relatively affordable. A great way to be able to own or gift an original art work; only a limited edition is made from a plate, and each one is hand-printed on fine art paper and individually signed and numbered. All framed pieces have been professionally framed.

To purchase or inquire about any of the pieces below, please contact me.


$55 unframed (including postage within NZ). Approx 22x16cm

This linocut was created as an illustration for Takahē magazine’s mini-magazine “Hua/Manu”, whose kaupapa included taking editors and writers under its gentle wing. I explored how fine I could go with my mark making, and the sensitivity of the Japanese paper that I printed on (Kitakata paper). A limited edition of 24.

Maritime Pines at Hagley Park

$55 unframed (plus $8 postage). Approx 30x16cm. Choose between blue or aubergine ink

This linocut features the Maritime Pines (Pinus pinaster) that you can see along Harper Avenue in Hagley Park, Christchurch. I wanted to capture their strong trunks reaching up into the sky.

Under the Shelterbelts

$580 unframed (two available). $810 framed (one available). Approx 1m wide

Created in response to an invitation to offer alternative views of Selwyn, this is a collection of 20 mini-prints of items found by peering closely under our shelterbelts. A curious mixture of death and life, beauty and repugnance, old and new, these prints were mostly created using the dry-point method with some items inked and directly printed. A very limited edition of four of these collections were created.

Winter Morning

$90 unframed (one available). $220 framed (one available) (Framed size is 37 cm across, 31 cm high)

This seven layer reduction linocut seeks to capture the watery iridescence of our morning skies here on the Canterbury plains. It has been framed with non-reflective glass, but is still hard to photograph to convey the subtle colours and textures achieved by printing with pale inks on black fibrous paper. This is based on a view I saw walking down Yeomans Road as the sky glistened through a gap in the tree line


Hollow Tree

$150 unframed (several available). $380 framed (one available) Framed size is 51x63cm

A seven layer reduction linocut, from a limited edition of 12. The hollowed trunk and precarious branch remind me of vulnerability, the old scars on this living tree remind me of endurance, and knowing this tree will leaf again in spring reminds me of hope.

Spring evening

$90 unframed (one available). Approx A4 sized

This seven layer handprinted linocut was created intuitively and swiftly, with each layer responding to the previous one.

Full of surprising yellows and purples, it seeks to capture the spring sun streaming through the low clouds, and the smooth solid trunk of the gum tree.

Loss, solitude and Perseverance

$90 unframed (several available). Slightly larger than A4 sized

This poem of a tree took me by surprise as I walked around a lonely bend. With the Malvern hills in the background, and the Nor’West Arch above (our familiar local cloud formation), this linocut was created with careful layering and blending of four layers of brown-black ink. From a limited edition of 17

Greeting cards

$15 for a set of three including envelopes, blank inside

The only thing on this web-page not printed by hand, these cards have been commercially produced on fine cardstock. Each set of three combines to feature my artwork “Winter’s End”, a reduction linocut that celebrates local Canterbury symbols of the end of winter; the flowering of japonica, kowhai and hebe.

Interested in any of the above?