Flower Series Vouchers

These vouchers make a great gift, and are available for purchase until 31 December 2021.

They come with a set of greeting cards, and entitle the bearer to one original hand-printed linocut produced as part of my “Flower Series 2022”.

How do these vouchers work? I will produce six different flower linocuts over the course of 2022, approximately every two months.  I will email you when I am about to start one.  At this point, or at any point while it is being made, if you think this will be the one you’d like, you can message me to reserve one.  Reserving it does not oblige you to take it (as you’ll obviously have to like the finished result), just that I will put one aside for you to decide on once it is finished, before I make it available to others.

Please note that other people will be able to reserve and purchase these linocuts as well.  So if you decide later on that you would like a particular linocut and the edition has sold it out, you will not be able to have that linocut (despite holding a voucher).

Once you’ve selected the linocut you would like to redeem your voucher for, you can either collect it from me in Darfield, or arrange to pay to have it packaged and posted to you.

You can also use your voucher towards the cost of other linocuts created apart from the Flower Series 2022, or towards workshop fees (for workshops provided by me, not a third party) for the value of $75.

How do I get a voucher?  They are only available until 31 December 2021. Contact me to purchase one. They are $75 each (plus $4 postage). If you are purchasing one as a gift, I can post them directly to your recipient with a note from you. You (or the recipient) will receive an individually numbered voucher, together with a set of three beautiful greeting cards featuring my linocut “Winter’s End”.

Excellent value: Each of the Flower Series linocuts will become individually for sale over 2022 as they are made. Prices will vary but they will be about $100 each, which means that you, or whoever you gift these vouchers to, will get a linocut worth about $100 and greeting cards worth $15 plus the fun of choosing a print over the course of the year, all for $75.  And I will get the motivation to produce these linocuts regularly for interested subscribers!

What is a Linocut?  These linocuts will be produced by carving an image into a lino plate, inking the plate and then hand printing them onto fine art paper by burnishing the paper over the inked plate with a glass baren (rubbing tool). Layers of colour may be built up this way, as the plate is iteratively carved away.  Only a limited edition is made of each linocut, and each one is individually signed and numbered.


(no longer available for purchase, but to give you a feel for my work):

Kowhai 2021

A nine layer reduction print. I was delighted at the luminous effect I achieved in the petals on this kowhai print.

Nasturtiums 2021

This was created both using the jigsaw and reduction method. I inked up 4 separate pieces and jigsawed them together before printing. I then carved areas away from each of the pieces, and printed additional layers (four layers in total), repeating the jigsaw method each time.

Rhododendron 2019

A four layer reduction linocut, this rhododendron was from my garden, and I enjoyed achieving shape and form through the use of fine lines.

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